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      I have a service based-website.
      I have 50 pages and mostly all index and appers top 100 but
      mostly keywords unsual their kd is low still not ranking and i have good content on my website.
      how to improve this.
      We have good impressions on each page last 1 and half month but clicks a few.

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      Gajanan Sapate


      As it’s a service-based website, you must focus on more intent keywords for better results.

      Here are couple of things, you must try:
      1. Look at top ranking website for your planned keywords. Analyze their backlinking profile and domain authority. It should give you some insights on how much backlinking efforts to put in, what kind of backlinks can be aimed etc.

      2. Analyze the difference in content on competitors website vs your website. And accordingly update the content.

      3. Google gives weightage to content freshness, updating the content will also help.

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