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      I would be grateful not only for websites, but also for courses that you have taken and can recommend.

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      Marketing is booming, and if you understand it effectively, you may make a fortune as a marketer. If you engage a digital marketing agency, it will also assist you in managing the marketing element of your organisation.

      The Best Online Courses to Learn Digital Marketing:

      Digital Marketing Career Blueprint.
      LinkedIn Learning.
      Fundamentals of Digital Marketing by Google.
      HubSpot Content Marketing Course.
      Wordstream’s PPC University.
      Alison Diploma in E-Business.

      Free Resources to Learn Digital Marketing:
      1. Google’s Online Marketing Challenge

      A fine place where you can learn online marketing is Google’s Online Marketing Challenge.

      A course that’s probably one among the foremost comprehensive out there for newbies. Not only does it give students real-world experience in marketing, but also offers a world-class academic panel, which is an essential component that covers various features of digital marketing that are taught by top academic panelists.

      They’re given a budget of $329 per day. Students compete with each other to showcase their best advertising skills, which isn’t expected to be much as this is for newbies.

      2. Social Media 101 Course By Constant Contact
      This course essentially teaches you step-by-step about how to build your social media presence across various platforms, by using what you have learned on channels like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, Google My Business, Snapchat, and Youtube.

      3. HubSpot Academy
      HubSpot Academy offers digital marketing courses in nearly every subject, even allowing you to get a certification when you’re finished with the course.

      4. SEMrush Academy
      The Semrush Academy offers both basic and advanced learning so it works for beginners and pros as well, it’s beneficial for everyone. It’s not only about the SEMrush tool, they don’t just regularly promote their tools, on their blog they teach about technical things like SEO, link building, queue research, and content marketing.

      These are some free resources to learn about digital marketing.

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      Thanks a lot!

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      There are many free sources through which you can learn digital marketing.

      1. Google,
      2. Youtube,
      3. Search Engine Journal
      4. Search Engine Watch
      5. Udacity
      6. LinkedIn Learning

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      If you are looking for information, please visit our blog. We hope you will find something interesting for yourself.

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      Digital Marketing is like an ocean, it is not just about a single topic or single technology. Basically, digital marketing uses online platforms and methods to promote your website. As Google launches its updates hence you have to keep yourself updated. For this, you can take the help of various best digital marketing knowledge-sharing sites.

      Here are a few important websites to learn about digital marketing:

      Search Engine Journal
      Search Engine Watch
      Wordstream’s PPC University
      Youtube Digital marketing channels

      Along with all the above references, you can learn new techniques and strategies on your own by practicing the various strategies.

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      I am also having the same question.

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      I have researched digital marketing for a few years and I have noticed that in SA it is THE best online business to start. I have all the necessary know how, but I just cannot seem to get it off the ground. I have a hosting package and a domain, but it is laying dormant now for quite some time….with me paying every month! Although, I did experiment with it not so long ago trying to sell a product and it worked rather well driving traffic to my site, but had to delete all the content on my website as the product’s services was discontinued.

      I want to connect with other freelance online marketers in SA who have walked the journey and made a success out of it. I have noticed that there are not many online entreperneurs in SA (local websites on the net proves it) as in other parts of the world. For a while now I have been learning a great deal from Neil Patel and a few others. But where are the internet entrepreneurs in SA?

      I have had so many trials and errors with my website that I decided to only launch it again once I have all my ducks in a row and know exactly what I am doing.

      I have started this thread simply to connect with the experts….if there are any on this forum. So, are there any internet entrepreneurs on this forum??? Read now

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      Dirk van Kampen

      This is a great source to learn more about Digital Marketing

      SEA/ Google Ads

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      thanks for the information!

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      There are many online websites available to learn digital marketing. But, I would suggest you take up online digital marketing courses ( will help you to build a strong career as well.

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      I used Khan Academy to learn more about web design

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      Websites and courses are cool, but they are not going to give you the proper base of knowledge you need to become a good specialist. They are too variable, and no system would unite different courses and websites into a united system.

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        That’s why I would recommend finding an institution to help you learn. You don’t need to go to a conventional college because other accredited colleges offer marketing degrees. You can check the website of asa miami college( ) and see for yourself. They started as a software college, but now they offer many more options for students with various interests. They can teach to be anything from a medical professional to a lawyer.

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      Based on my experience I usually use google (for the blogs that explained some keywords that they used ) and youtube (for the apps/sites they use), which really helps me a lot in knowing the digital marketing world.

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        I was looking at some of the answers on this post and I believe your answer is really informative! Keep posting and Thanks Bro!

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