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    What is the easy way to generate traffic to my website?

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    Shruti Jain

    Hi Vinay,
    There are 2 routes to generate traffic for your website:

    Organic Route via Social Media: Participate in multiple groups on Facebook, Linkedin, G+ and share your content.

    Organic Route via SEO: Optimize your website for desired keywords and plan your content around the same. It will give you a good traction to precisely defined keywords.
    Paid Route SEM: Advertising campaigns (also called PPC) on Search engines and social media.

    Hope it answers your question.

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    Below are some simple ways to increase the amount of traffic that you are getting to your website.
    Perform On-Page SEO
    Get Listed
    Post to Social Media with Hashtags
    Use Landing Pages.
    Target Long-Tail Keywords.
    Start Email Marketing.
    Advertise Online.
    Guest Blog.

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    Digital platter

    Simple way to optimize your website is:
    1. Unique Content
    2. Proper On page & off page (keyword base)

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    There are many ways though you can generate traffic for your website.
    1) Though google ads you can bring traffic to your website.
    2) Use social media to post content related to your website and generate free traffic.
    3) You can choose SEO also. Try SEO agency and it can provide you traffic for a very long time.

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