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      What is the easy way to generate traffic to my website?

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      Shruti Jain

      Hi Vinay,
      There are 2 routes to generate traffic for your website:

      Organic Route via Social Media: Participate in multiple groups on Facebook, Linkedin, G+ and share your content.

      Organic Route via SEO: Optimize your website for desired keywords and plan your content around the same. It will give you a good traction to precisely defined keywords.
      Paid Route SEM: Advertising campaigns (also called PPC) on Search engines and social media.

      Hope it answers your question.

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      Below are some simple ways to increase the amount of traffic that you are getting to your website.
      Perform On-Page SEO
      Get Listed
      Post to Social Media with Hashtags
      Use Landing Pages.
      Target Long-Tail Keywords.
      Start Email Marketing.
      Advertise Online.
      Guest Blog.

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      Digital platter

      Simple way to optimize your website is:
      1. Unique Content
      2. Proper On page & off page (keyword base)

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      There are many ways though you can generate traffic for your website.
      1) Though google ads you can bring traffic to your website.
      2) Use social media to post content related to your website and generate free traffic.
      3) You can choose SEO also. Try SEO agency and it can provide you traffic for a very long time.

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      how to make a Fashion Blog in 2019

      wordpress blog hosts 60 million blogs alone.

      But where do you even begin with startinga fashion blog? One wrong move could delay your blog progress by thousands of views. Making an appropriate moves, but the truth is, Can put your blog down the path to success right away.

      where do you start a Fashion Blog: Pick a distinct segment

      to get started with a fashion blog off strong, Pick a niche. Niches come to be riches, So choose one that reflects your style and attitude.

      your blog can feature plus size fashion, Gothic apparel, And more the probabilities are endless!think the adjectives you use to describe your style and go from there.

      Choose a CMS blogging platform

      Knowing how to make a fashion blog means choosing a convenient blogging service. for CMS (cms) posts, You don have to learn complicated designing and [url=https://medium.com/@patrickbrock0526/is-charmdate-scam-true-my-personal-review-towards-charmdate-com-d74194c1db92]charmdate review[/url] selection languages.

      the leading CMS platforms are WordPress, Drupal, And joomla. WordPress is the most popular CMS blogging service in the world.

      Pick your own domain name

      People remember websites by their areas. Having a domain name also makes your blog look more professional.

      Once you get website’s,Choose a short and catchy domain name. this makes your blog more memorable.

      Take Quality imagery

      Fashion blogging relies more on pictures than alot of blog categories do. Take amazing shots with fun poses and unique clothing.

      you may either hire a fashion photographer or learn how to take better pictures on your own. Publishing blogposts consistently will keep your audience wanting more.

      Create unique blog posts that him and i won find elsewhere. once you hop on a trend, Put your individual spin on it to truly own your content.

      social websites

      Once you got blog posts photos, It time to market your blog on social media. Make posts to your pictures on Instagram, youtube, squidoo, and also Pinterest.

      think about it: Social media is free promoting and advertising. Using certain hashtags acts will help people see your blog easier.

      Your Fashion Blog is depending on You

      Around 80% of bloggers work without any help without outsourcing any tasks. Learning about how to start a fashion blog can be too much, But the rewards are worth it.

      Over 409 million clients view around 22.2 billion websites each month. Having an attractive blog theme will attract more of these readers to your content.

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      Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most important corners of online marketing. Optimizing your website for search engines can increase traffic to your site and ultimately achieve better results in terms of rankings and click-throughs. Some popular SEO techniques include keyword research, on-page optimization including titles, metatags, and anchor text links, and bidding on keywords with high AdWords Quality Scores. In addition, creating quality content that is valuable and interesting will help attract visitors from around the internet.

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