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      Hello all. I have a Linkedin page, with no followers 🙁 Can you please tell me how to increase the company page followers on Linkedin? Thanks.

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      You can try following activities.

      – Put Linkedin ‘follow’ button on your website and blog.
      – Take active part in Linkedin group discussions.
      – Share quality updates on regular basis.
      – Make use of ‘promotion tab’ from groups.
      – Include link to your LinkedIn company page in your e-mail signature.

      All the best.


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      Put the button / link to your LI page in all your communication channels. Also, content marketing has become very important in promoting your business; for example, you can publish interesting articles about your niche on LinkedIn and include call to action with a link to your business page. Share those articles from your page as well. Good, informative and valuable content can significantly contribute to increasing the followers on your page.

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      Good question. I am much more interested in LinkdIn leads. Thanks!

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      Andrew Scuoler

      Simply invite your connection to join. But first you need lots of connections in your field. To do that, send connection requests with a carefully written message saying you’d like to connect and that it could be mutually beneficial etc. People do this all the time – some will accept and some will decline, but it works. Then invite them to follow your page.

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