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      Hi there!

      I am running an industrial goods manufacturing business. I have been using traditional marketing practices and also also started using LinkedIn since few months. I have heard lots of people saying that LinkedIn is a good choice for B2B market. It’s looking good at first sight, but I am not sure how I can attract my target customers to my business so as to generate leads. Any suggestions?

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      Hello Christopher

      First of all, I will say ‘you are on the right track’. LinkedIn is the best choice for your business. Here are some ways of lead generation.

      1. Take a part in group discussions and be active.

      2. Share regular updates on personal profile and company page.

      3. Promote your product in ‘LinkedIn promotions’

      4. Try running LinkedIn advertisement.

      5. Integrate Twitter with Linkedin

      These activities will give you results in a long run.


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      To generate leads through LinkedIn effectively, make an impactful first impression by optimizing your profile to highlight your expertise and achievements. LinkedIn offers advanced search features and its Sales Navigator for targeted prospecting. Actively engage in relevant LinkedIn groups to establish yourself as an industry expert and foster customer relations. Post informative blog posts, infographics, and videos to build your authority within that niche industry—Personalize connection requests to establish genuine relationships. Leverage LinkedIn Ads and InMail for targeted outreach. Leverage tools like GetProspect and for email extraction to facilitate targeted email outreach campaigns. Build relationships through engagement and networking events using LinkedIn analytics tools to optimize lead generation strategies.

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