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      Which one is the best from an SEO point of view, video marketing or content marketing?

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      Anny Grant

      As we know that people like to watch a video rather than reading a content, Nowadays you can see many businesses are uploading a video on their website to reduce the bounce rate which will help them to build authentication to rank better in the search engine.
      For example Youtube,
      An important advantage of uploading your videos on YouTube is immediately indexed by Google which is the best part of it. Here, you have to focus on the title and description of your video from the SEO point of view.
      As compare to content marketing it take some time to rank in search engine. There is no wait time for search engine bots to crawl your videos, as there is no need to submit a new video site map when you are looking for video content.
      Coming to content marketing you have to focus more on it as the content is king for any website. If you have to rank on search engine focus on content first as the content is the only identity for website which helps the user to get the best result when he/she type on the search engine.

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      Of course video! I like to mix everything nut sometimes i can’t cooporate my ideas. The last time guys from fuselab helps me,they are for sure the best in design. But u did really nice think,congrats!

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      Content marketing is better than video marketing.

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      Definitely video marketing is better option than content. But, when it comes to website ranking content is mostly concentrated to rank wisely in search engine results page.

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