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      What is the use of sitemap?

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      Site map is just like a road map which tells your search engine (google, bing and others) the pages you deem fit to appear when users make a search. Posts included on the sitemap are indexed and ranked on google to appear as search results.
      Some websites do not use it and i do not really think it has an adverse effect but i have used it on all of my websites.
      if you are a wordpress user, you can use yoast, google sitemap or jetpack to lay out your sitemap.

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      vidya shreya

      A sitemap is an XML file that includes your blog’s URLs. This file allows crawlers to locate all of the URLs of your blog. A crawler can follow a lot of aspects of your web, such as the size of your sitemap and the number of URLs. it is a full index that you want search engine bots to see on your blog. For WordPress blogs, a plugin called Yoast SEO, sitemaps can easily be created.
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      A sitemap is a file that contains information about your site’s pages, videos, and other files, as well as their relationships. This file is read by search engines like Google in order to crawl your site more efficiently. A sitemap tells Google which pages and files on your site you think are significant, as well as providing useful information about them. When the page was last changed, for example, and whether there are any different language versions of the page.

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