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      what is the use of robots.txt?

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      Robot.txt consist of terminology such as user agent, disallow. The Website Owners inform crawlers that which pages of website they would not visit. The actual path of crawler traversing the website is initiated through robots.txt

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      Robot.txt is generally used to stop web crawlers or spiders crawl websites. Website owners use it where they specifically don’t want their page to be crawled by crawlers. This is also known as Robots Exclusion Protocol.

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      WebXeros Solutions

      The most common usage of Robots.txt is to ban crawlers from visiting private folders or content that gives them no additional information. This is done primarily in order to save the crawler’s time: bots crawl on a budget – if you ensure that it doesn’t waste time on unnecessary content, it will crawl your site deeper and quicker.

      Some people choose to save bandwidth and allow access to only those crawlers they care about (e.g. Google, Yahoo, and MSN).

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      social hub media

      Robots.txt is a text file that tells web robots which pages on your site to crawl.It also tells web robots which pages not to crawl

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      social hub media

      Robots.txt is a text file that tells web robots which pages on your site to crawl.It also tells web robots which pages not to crawl

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      robots.txt is used to restrict access of the website to the robots. It is used to communicate with crawlers or robots. The text file informs crawler about which area or page of the website should not be scanned or crawl. It also informs crawler about which pages of the website should Crawl.

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      I usually use it if I don’t want any of my pages to be crawled by the search engine. Many I know, if there as other use of robots file too.

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      Robot.txt is basically an on-page SEO check. It is used on websites to disallow and allow website pages in the eyes of crawlers or robots. We should always disallow admin panel, payment gateway on robot.txt. It is one of the important on-page SEO checks that is performed by SEO experts. Once you hire a digital marketing agency to increase SERPs rank they will perform all major technical SEO checklist.

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      robos.txt is a text file it has conditions for Crawlers. They are
      1. Allow
      2. Dis-Allow
      Allow condition is for to read the file of the website.
      Disallow conditions is for not to read the file of the website.


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      robots.txt give instructions to google robots to which pages not to crawl. It is also known as robots exclusion protocol. Digital marketing company helps in getting seo solutions related to website promotion. This is one of the key factor studied in SEO strategies.
      Example of robots.txt:
      User-agent: *
      Disallow: /

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      Website owners use the robots.txt file to give instructions about their site to web robots what to crawl and what not to crawl.

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      Kindlebit Solutions

      When the search engine starts crawling your site first-of-all it will look at your robot.txt files. Robot.txt file describes which pages search engine can crawl and which pages it cannot visit. Basically, Robot.txt file is a command used to give instructions about your site to web robots.

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      Pawan Yadav

      robot.txt is text file for giving direction to crawlers.
      allow – in syntax if we write allow then it will start crawling
      disallow- in syntax if we write disallow then it will not crawl that file.

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      Web site owners use the /robots.txt file to give instructions about their site to web robots; this is called The Robots Exclusion Protocol.

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      Robots.txt is a standard used by websites to communicate with web crawlers and other web robots.

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      The robots.txt file is primarily used to specify which parts of your website should be crawled by spiders or web crawlers. It can specify different rules for different spiders.

      Googlebot is an example of a spider. It’s deployed by Google to crawl the Internet and record information about websites so it knows how high to rank different websites in search results.

      Using a robots.txt file with your website is a web standard. Spiders look for the robots.txt file in the host directory (or main folder) of your website.

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      you should learn it in the comments kkk

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      A robots.txt file notifies search engine crawlers which URLs on your site they can access. This is mostly intended to prevent your site from becoming overburdened with requests; it is not a strategy for keeping a web page out of Google. You should use noindex or password-protect a web page to keep it out of Google’s index. A robots.txt file is used to regulate crawler traffic to your site and, depending on the file type, to keep a file off Google.

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