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      You’ve just heard the term “content marketing” and feel obligated to learn more about it, but you’re too embarrassed to ask. Also learn types of content marketing. This article is for you. Keep reading!

      1. Social Media Content Marketing
      With over 3.6 billion social media users globally, it’s easy to see why so many businesses engage in social media marketing. There are a variety of platforms to work with (for example, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Snapchat), as well as a variety of techniques to create and post content on each. (e.g. photos, live videos, pre-recorded videos, stories). These types of content marketing are now more famous.

      2. Infographic Content Marketing
      Infographics are visual representations of facts, statistics, and information. Because they blend simple language, brief claims, and clear visuals, infographics are a fantastic way to effectively explain your topic. They’re wonderful for breaking down a complex or educational problem so that everyone in the room understands it.

      3. Blog Content Marketing
      Blogs are a nice blend of inbound content since they provide you with a lot of flexibility in terms of purpose and topic. You may utilize a blog to link to other internal and external materials and blog articles, as well as provide product information and social sharing buttons.

      4. Podcast Content Marketing
      Because podcasts may be about anything, they allow for a lot of creativity. Other features of the podcast, such as the frequency of episodes, who will be on it, how you will advertise it, and the length of the episodes, are all decisions you make.

      5. Video Content Marketing
      69 percent of consumers prefer to learn about a brand’s product or service through video, according to a Wyzowl study. Enhance conversions, increase ROI, and build relationships with your audience through video marketing. You may share your video content on social networking sites, landing websites. These types of content marketing are becoming famous now.

      6. Paid Ad Content Marketing
      Paid advertising may help you reach a broad audience and position yourself in all of the areas where you want to be noticed – it’s especially effective when combined with inbound marketing. Paid advertisements can be disseminated on social media, landing pages, banners, and sponsored content, among other places.

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      Content Marketing Types:

      Case Studies.
      User-generated content.

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