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      1. Determine the right social platforms

      Don’t make assumptions about where your target audience spends their time online. Your instinct might tell you to focus on Instagram and skip Facebook if you’re targeting millennials. But according to experts, the majority of millennials use Facebook.

      To make sure you’re using social networks for your medical practice effectively, you’ll need to conduct some research of your own to help you to understand how your target audience engages on social networks. Try not to have an all-or-nothing approach. Instead, use different social platforms to reach out to a different set of target audiences or achieve different business goals.

      2. Create Social platform-specific posts

      Every social network has its own unique way of presenting content and has its audience who engages with that content. Your followers will appreciate that you have taken the time and effort to tailor your content based on that specific platform’s demands. For instance, on Facebook, your content will gain more traction if it’s entertaining and informative – something that is shareable. You can consider creating catchy headlines and content that forms an emotional connection with readers. LinkedIn, for example, has a professional audience, and therefore your content should add value to readers’ lives. Twitter is known for sharing witty and trending updates. On this platform, you can share curiosity-generating content.

      3. Partner with Influencers

      The critical goal of content on social media is to create a buzz around your medical practice. But don’t create it yourself. Instead, partner with a famous and trusted influencer and get that person to create and share content about your medical practice and its services.
      Influencer marketing is one of the best ideas to increase brand awareness and promote medical practice growth. If you don’t have the budget to partner with a celebrity of a known face, consider approaching users with large followings to help you get in front of the target audience. You can also consider searching for influencers who live within the area of your medical practice. These people will be more interested in supporting and promoting your medical practice.

      Still Feeling Stuck with Healthcare Social Media Marketing? Here are Some Fresh Ideas.

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