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      There is no way to tell when the SEO industry will ever stop developing. Each year brings new system updates and algorithm changes. Which are useful when it comes to improving user experience, but often a hindrance for medical businesses to keep their ranking stabilized.

      The world of medical SEO is volatile but you have to make sure that your medical site doesn’t share that same trait or else your online position can falter. In order to keep a steady stream of patients in, keeping up medical SEO trends in 2021 is your way to survive.

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      Since SEO is an area with ever-diversifying limits and standards. The SEO standards and trends vary with different industries. And Medical SEO is one with less talked about.

      So Let’s discuss a few tips that will help you Step up your medical SEO in 2021.

      1. Identify your Zero-click search pages and optimize.
      You can start answering question-based search queries and keywords for topics that you specialize in.

      2. Prioritize your Mobile SEO
      This entails improvement on your mobile user experience and syncing technical SEO efforts for both desktop and mobile.

      3. User experience should be the primary focus
      Page load speed doesn’t only affect your website traffic. According to SEO experts, your website’s user experience also influences your ranking on Google! Build a user-friendly site structure so that your patients can easily find the information they need on your website.

      4. Make use of influencer Marketing
      As a medical practitioner, reviews from your patients improve your reputation and credibility online.

      5. Use Google My Business to optimize your Local SEO
      Google My Business profile plays a major role in your SEO efforts as it helps you gain credibility and popularity as a medical expert in your field.

      6. Optimize your content with Photos and Videos.
      Repurpose your blogs and other content into video formats and don’t forget to embed these videos in between related pages on your site.

      7. VOICE SEARCH (VSEO) is next to dominate
      When writing content, experiment and incorporate long-tail keywords that patients are likely to ask in a voice search.

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