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      Hey guys!
      Summarizing it all: I’m running my own online shop, and it has been growing very well during the last few months, and I’m needing my step up customer support game because it is escaping my control. Ok, it is not a critical situation, but I need to start paying attention to it, because at this rate, it is going to escape out of my hands soon.
      Therefore, since some days ago, I started looking for a decent social CRM software to take care of checking and answering to social media inquiries from my customers.
      I’ve been exploring options on my own, because I have to do my own homework :P, and I’ve found this one by Kayako (website), but of course, am still gathering more info about it before taking the next step.
      All in all, I’d like to know what you have to suggest, thanks!

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      Lighthouse staff ask province to intervene in management shakeup

      “While we are hopeful that this does not affect our day to day operations, The uncertainty your situation has created means that we, The management team at The Lighthouse are calling on the us govenment of Saskatchewan to appoint a member of its Dispute Resolution Office so that all parties can constructively work through the issues facing The Lighthouse and come to a peaceful resolution, Reads the letter from staff,upbeat, We remain dedicated to making sure that the people we serve are not impacted,The Lighthouse has come under the microscopic lense in recent weeks after fire inspectors issued 14 tickets over more than 40 contraventions of the fire code.Associate executive director Melissa Smith said last week the structure is grappling with damage caused by clients with mental health challenges, As well as working with staff shortages. Recent weeks have seen damage to dwelling including burst pipes and two sinks torn out of a washroom as well as numerous break ins. The fire department had given the shelter ’till the end of the month to rectify a dozen deficiencies. Raymer said it’s in order to extend that,We’re quite comfortable in the beginning that we can keep working with them if we have to go beyond that date, Raymer thought.Ministry of Justice spokesman Noel Busse said non profit entities can request, Through a discreet application, services such as the appointment of a member of the province’s Dispute Resolution Office. It is not known if the Lighthouse’s new managing has made such a request.In a wednesday letter, Hepfner told staff the company’s board voted to make him and Reddekopp interim co managing directors and tasked them with investigating maintenance and security issues at the shelter. The mail told staff that change is “miserable” But necessary and said all communications with vendors and donors should glance at the new managing directors.The StarPhoenix requested a conversation with Mayor Charlie Clark on the current state of the shelter. A speaker for Clark responded [url=][/url] with a prepared statement, Saying his primary concern is safety at the shelter.

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      Federal judge orders freeze on police promotions system in Prince George’s after lawsuit alleges bias

      section Judge Theodore D. Chuang in Maryland is part of an ongoing lawsuit that officers of color filed in 2018 alleging systemic racism and workplace elegance. Among several accusations of bias, The lawsuit asserts that the category disproportionately elevates White members of the force.

      In his thought, Chuang wrote that there were “remarkable disparities” In the test passage rate for the exam that promotes members of the force to police man first class and corporal. He also announced “Taken alongside, the exact “important thing promotion statistics” For Black and Hispanic officers seeking the rank of sergeant and lieutenant also had lower rates of leverage.

      Chuang said in his ruling that a legal court found “extensive disparities” In the department’s promotions process with an “adversarial impact” On black and Hispanic officers for two of the ranks.

      the court did not grant the plaintiffs’ request to halt the April 2021 promotion exam but did order the county to reevaluate its [url=]charmingdate[/url] system ahead of an exam set for October.

      Joanna Wasik, Counsel for the plaintiffs, Said the officers think a key win after more than two years of battling in court with the county, Which has denied the officers’ allegations right away. The ruling comes just months after the judge also granted the plaintiffs’ request to unseal an expert report examining dozens of cases of alleged racism, Documents that the county fought to keep from anyone view.

      Prince George’s County’s new police chief heading Malik Aziz, A deputy chief from texas

      “This is a very swift and equally purposeful win that pushes the ball toward change, Wasik exclaimed. “The main message of our clients has been that equity inside the department is really critical to external relationships with town. You can’t have one without worrying about other, And that is why they are pushing these internal reforms,

      County Attorney Rhonda Weaver said in your firm stand out that the police department “Welcomes the risk” To work with the plaintiffs and motivated expert to review the promotion process “And to would suggest changes, when necessary,

      Weaver said the county and police team are “Committed to ensuring that their knowledgeable developed promotion system continues to result in the promotion of the best qualified officers of all races, Ethnic villages, And qualifications,

      The lawsuit leans on county data showing that the age of the police department which is 43 percent White do not reflect the diversity of the county, with a population that is 64 percent Black and 20 percent Hispanic.

      In a motion to the judge, The plaintiffs blame the department’s promotion exam system for the disparities. Lawyers for the officers who are suing argued that data collected within the lawsuit showed that for years, The pass rates for the tests that determine promotion eligibility and rank were on a regular basis lower among Black and Hispanic officers which experts said was statistically significant and could not have happened by chance.

      thereby, The personal injury lawsuit asserts, as well as white Hispanic officers as a group were promoted at lower rates than White officers for five years in a row.

      Officers who took the current iteration of the promotion exams in 2020 and April 2021 will not have to retake it, And their results is definately not thrown out, Chuang wrote in his lording it over. But the county must instigate a new system by October 2021, When the next exam is appointed, And work with the plaintiffs to select a private expert to evaluate the department’s written tests, Skills lab tests and selection processes.

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