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      SEO and Digital marketing both are two different sides of the same coin. The full form of SEO defines purpose and utility. Search engine optimization is the process that includes the process to optimize the rank of a particular website, or a webpage in the search results of any search engine. Digital Marketing is broad, and SEO uses one objective among different objectives included in digital marketing. Digital marketing is more blessing as it covers multiple aspects of online marketing at a greater aspects. SEO emphasizes on improving the organic rank of a website by targeting more searched keywords, and implementing in the content. It is the most effective way that assists in content marketing. Right from improving organic search results, to building a strong customer base, generating traffic, branding, and generating loyal customers, everything is covered in the digital marketing.

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      Digital marketing means promoting products/services to digital media platforms whereas seo (search engine optimization) is the part of the digital marketing. seo mainly concentrates on keyword ranking factors to get better ranks in search engine results page.

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