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      A few months ago I started my online business using woocommerce plugin, Now I am facing the most common issue is website load time. According to google page-speed insight tool my store load time is around 6 Sec but Google loves websites that load in a SINGLE second.
      I also do these changes into website like minify Java script & CSS file, Reduce images, Install cache plugin, Disable inactive plugin & many other points which I found into different forum & post, But my store speed still doesn’t improve.
      I don’t know, Is this an issue with my website development or hosting provider?
      I also discussed this issue in different forums, they recommend me to change your hosting provider and suggest some providers as a reference like ‘cloudways’ PHP-based managed Web hosting for e-commerce.
      Anyone can suggest is changing the hosting provider will resolve my issue?

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      Suresh Shinde

      Yes, server location has an impact on page loading time. If your server location is close to the user(target audience), the website speed will be slightly better.

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      Hello, first of all, you should consider if those optimizations are worth your time and effort, is there any other action that could improve your website that requires less effort?

      I recommend asking these questions to yourself, after that if you still want to improve your website performance metrics, you should try a cache plugin or a JS and CSS minify plugin. For example WP Rocket.

      Also, I highly recommend you to hire expert services, this can save you tons of time and effort. For example: This digital marketing agency in The San Francisco Bay Area.

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      I do agree with that the best hosting services does the matter because I was facing the similar problem for more than a year even changing the few hosting services I was not getting expected results I did some research for more than a week I came to found a solid reviews about they are really really great Woocommerce hosting services provider. Even though one of my client has launched the platform on WPX and we’re both are really satisfied with their support and results.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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