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      I’ve recently taken over management of a business instagram account which has rapidly grown since launch with a following of 36k in just over 2 months and content gaining 1000-1500 likes. These interactions only seem to happen in the first hour of posting which I found weird then with the last 2posts, the reach has decreased and the interactions significantly reduced. Could the previous agency of been using a bot to build the page? How do you recognise when a bot has been use and what’s the best way to combat the aftermath and still grow?

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      Mikena Karl

      Spot the bot!!
      Nowadays bots are an unpreventable piece of online life. Simply a year ago scientists assessed that Twitter alone was home to around 30 million of them. There are computerized spam accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and practically wherever else.

      Some seem intended to deliberately provoke us up or to help explicit political competitors, while others have purposes less clear. While the objectives of their makers may shift, there are indications that numerous bots share. On the off chance that you can recognize these, you can all the more likely defensive layer yourself against their assault.

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      i used many bot for making bulk accounts on instagram but all will be ban within 1 day i research many websites even i buy from fiverr they also provide the same bot which is useless last week i found one website of social media accounts providers i deal about 50 accounts and they delivered me in like 2 days and all accounts working fine

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