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    Hello Everyone
    I am into online marketing business and have a few clients now, but I am facing challenges and due to which I am not getting business properly. Is it because I don’t have an attractive website or I am using the wrong strategy?
    Can anyone tell me the correct ways how I can improve this mistake?
    I am really worried Looking for help.

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    Hello Jayarora
    Can you tell me what exactly your business niche is?
    Many times the niche of business is not clear to people and the website is not up to the mark. So here are some tips for the types of websites that you can consider. Since the expansion of the World Wide Web, all kinds of websites have popped up on the scene. In fact, there are tons of websites are accessible in today’s era; sometimes it’s difficult for one to decide which type of web design is the right one.
    Corporate website

    Dating website

    Electronic commerce (e-commerce) site

    Search engine site

    Personal website

    Gaming website

    Corporate website

    Forum website

    Religious site

    Microblog site.

    Do follow these sites suggestions, you will definitely get help and improvement for your business things.

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    okay, let’s start with the website designing,
    first, you should build a responsive and high page speed website with good UA & UI interface.
    then target all the keywords in the website and fix all the on-page issues of the website you can use screaming frog for checking on-page issues. After fixing on-page issues you start work on building backlinks. You should build high-quality dofollow backlinks from high DA and Trusted domains.
    Here are some high-quality backlinks strategies which you can use:-
    Guest Posting
    Edu base backlinks
    Event Submission
    Citation for local businesses
    Info Graphy Sharing on social media

    and other normal strategies you can use for the backlinks creation and if you want to get more information about the responsive website designing.

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    Hi jayarora, I am new to this forum. I have little experience in Digital marketing. What is your website link? What type of off-page activities you are doing? Have you done the onpage SEO properly? How are you promoting your business? So there are a lot of factors where you need to work to generate a lead for any website.

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    If you are looking to make your website attractive and searching for a good strategy there are some terms of good online marketing strategy.first of all you need to do SEO for your website so that your website can rank up this is one of the best strategy for improving your website. The second way is content marketing. Content should be unique and understandable so that audience can understand easily. Another way is social media marketing. Here, you stand to gain greater brand visibility, a greater reputation, and far more inbound traffic with your syndicated links. After that conversion optimization, most of these strategies aim to get more people on your website. I hope these strategies term helps you to improve your website and build your strategy.

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    The first step to help your firm into a widespread acceptance of digital marketing agency is to train yourself by gaining deep understanding of the subject through authentic sources. Then you need to ensure that your team understand all digital marketing strategies (SEO, SMM, SMO), at least at a basic level.
    Secondly, get input from your clients, When it comes to digital marketing, your clients are an extremely useful resource. They will be able to tell you about their experiences with your firm and gives you an honest assessment of what worked well and what they suggest you change. This is the best way to evaluate and figure out your pain points.

    Recently during my research on the internet I found about this Social Capital Agency which doing great work for their clients you can take an example from them

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    When you are new in business problems come because the market is already filled with competitors.

    They already made their place in the market.
    They already have big audiences huge social media promotion for their business.
    Their product brand is popular among lots of consumers, they build trust in consumers.

    Competitors have years of experience, they know how to attract customers.
    Their website is top-ranked in search engines.

    And lots more problems exist for the newbie, to get in business you have to do something extra and different.

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