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      janki m

      How to decide match types in Google ads before running the ads?

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      Anny Grant

      Setting up your Google Ad campaign for the first time, remember the most important part of Google Ad is keyword selection with proper match type as it controls which search query will trigger the appearance of your ads.
      Coming to Match type:
      1.Broad Match: The default option in Google Ads you will see while creating the campaign. Choosing this match type you can reach the wider audience but it provides less control over your ads. The broad match also shows synonyms of your keyword.
      2.Broad Match Modifier: This match type control who will see your ad by locking specific words into a key phrase with the + symbol.For example Rain+boots
      3.Phrase Match: In this result will appear in the exact phrase considering prefix and suffix to your quoted phrase. This type of match is very much helpful to get business for your keyword. For example- “cricket shoes” will be your keyword but people searching for -buy cricket shoes will also rank as I mention above it consider the prefix and suffix with your keyword.
      4.Exact Match: This match is defined by adding brackets [your keyword] in it. For example- It will show the exact result to the user with a keyword like [shoes for men] but here you have to pay more to get more clicks because you will get tough competition here.
      I hope you have understood the Match type.

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