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      Ada Warne

      How to get likes on my new brand page while launching?

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      Hi. If yours is a brand new page, you have no option but to go for a paid advertising feature. Its a good way to build precisely targeted fans community. You can also plan a launch campaign which has some engagement factor to it. For example a contest. This will give you even better results.

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      Well most of the people ask about buying the likes while there is another way of asking friends to like it or by sharing the page on different relevant groups also increases the number of likes and followers.

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      Buying the likes is a good idea but most of the likes are not real. it will increase instantly but after sometimes automatically it will be decreased. so I recommend ECIR Pro who helps to get more and more real likes on the new brand page.

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      If you’re using Instagram, the best platform for buying likes is Fuelgram. It provides you with likes from real IG users that belong to your niche. Very good for increasing post engagement, number of followers, and generating traffic to a website.

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      For new brand page you go to facebook groups to increase likes.

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      definitely using social media, you can create attractive profiles and share content related to what your product is about.

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