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      I have written a Christian book and I want it to be free in a pdf form on social media

      I talk about some things that im not sure if they are against social media rules
      (facebook, twitter, google +, stumbleupon, buffer, linkedln, pinterest, tumblr and others).

      it would be ideal if I could put the book in pdf form directly on those social medias but if its somehow an issue i could put it on another webpage and point to that page from the social
      media. And just put a list of subjects talked about/chapter names

      the things i am concerned about are including but not limited to: demons, lust, suicide,
      gangsters, and school shootings, how to have faith and get results from God, and how to
      either overcome these things or why its happening and a better way kind of thing.

      also my book name is Dying to self, which is a Christian term referring to less of me and more of God. as in getting rid of the things in your personal life that get in the way of getting closer to God.

      question 1, is there an issue with this name they may mis think it and think its self harm

      the following are the topic titles right out of my book that are the most questionable ones, this is a small fraction of all the topics the others in my opinion are more benign(like love one another, speak positive, overcoming fear, prayer, relationship skills, pride and so on.)

      Dying to self
      Foolish Spending
      Faith(how to get your desired result)
      Spiritual Suffocation(the devil harassing you)
      Physical Ailment of a demonic nature(demonic applied ailments and how to overcome it)
      Sticky Emotions and Demonic Pressure(emotions pushed on by demons)
      Dominion and Good and Evil(why bad things happen in life)
      The Devil’s on the Outside(demonic harassment)
      Devil’s last stand and strong demon submission(how to overcome demonic harassment)
      Know your spiritual boundaries what you have authority over(describing in detail the spiritual
      world of demons)
      Hidden Demons / Familiar spirit
      Overcoming Lust
      Suicide(how to overcome this)
      Depression(how to overcome this)
      The Impressionable mind looking for acceptance/rejection(why kids go with bad influences
      this topic talks about school shootings and gangsters also)

      2nd question: can i put that file(full book pdf)on my social account for people to download

      my 3rd question is what happens if these social media sites find something they don’t like, will they ban me forever or can i fix the problem.

      4th question do they review the entirety of it all or do they just go off of just one tid bit of it.

      5th question can i put topic/chapter list if they do have issues with this, but just not talk about it there and refer them to my webpage or other website that hosts my book for free.

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