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      Can anyone please tell me if its a good idea to purchase fake likes for your facebook page?

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      Hi Tanya,

      Getting fake likes for Facebook or fake followers for twitter is an extremely bad idea. Let me explain you why –

      Fake likes are usually fake profiles. From a branding point of view, a post reaching out to fake profiles is nothing but useless. Also, according to the facebook algorithm, a particular post reaches out to only a part of all the likes, not all the likers. So there is no point if the post reaches fake likes. In short, due to fake likes the effectiveness of the post is drastically reduced.

      The toughest page for any facebook page is when it has just been created. There are no likes, and because of no likes, the page struggles to get more likes. Fake likes are usually used by some pages during this phase. So fake likes are used to make the page look “presentable” or lets say to make a first good impression on the user. However, this small advantage is hugely overlapped by the disadvantages.

      Solution for overcoming this problem is simple – Facebook advertising. It is much wiser to spend your money on Facebook ads rather than buying fake likes.

      Hope this helps.

      Best regards

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