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    Steve Morgan

    Is there anyone getting success via Instagram advertising?

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    Yes. Instagram advertising is almost similar to Facebook. There is a little difference in the audience. Instagram is used by a little upscale audience which is more geared towards fashion, glamor & gadgets.

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    Ivan cooper

    Yes.Yes now days millions of people are using instagram on daily basis. so it has great chances of successful advertising via instagram. Instagram advertising is most similar to Facebook advertisement. Only a small difference in type of audience . Instagram is utilised by a little upmarket people which is more engaged towards fashion, glamour & gadgets.

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    The only effective marketing strategy is one that performed on social media. And among all the possible tactics on social media, the most effective one is mass liking and following cause it carries the direct “look-at-me” message. And within all the variety tools available the zen-promo is the most powerful one. It acts in an aforementioned way and it does it well. You get 2000 sound followers in your pocket monthly. Calculate how much it’s annually by yourself. And it costs only $150 a year.

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    Hello can someone tell me that how to determine the separate ad cost of Instagram while you are using the both placement (Instagram & Facebook placement). I choose the traffic purpose please revert.

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    As per my view and whatever I have realised and researched until Today, then, in fact, Instagram is a more appropriate network for advertisement than Facebook because it has become an attractive platform and has more than a million users active in a day.

    Bonus tip!

    If you want to boost and get credibility for the business then you should buy Instagram followers cheap from the authentic website because it will help you to build a reputation and win your potential customers.

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    Yes, Instagram is the fastest growing social network and implementing Instagram advertising in your media plan can be very effective. You just need to do your homework when it comes to targeting the right audience. This means that you should be very aware who are your potential and existing customers, and create ads that will engage them.

    Here’s another suggestion. To boost the visibility of your Instagram business profile (which will also increase the effectiveness of your ads), I’d suggest you to try the service called Fuelgram. It’s a platform that provides you with likes and comments from real and influential Instagram accounts, coming from the niche you choose (e.g. photography, lifestyle, travelling, etc.). As a consequence, you’ll improve your post visibility in the explore tab and gain more relevant followers. I’ve used this service personally, and I really think it’s great.

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    Yes, Instagram advertising is one of the best platform for generating leads. Instagram content does so well for marketing because people remember 80% of what they see. Your ads included, but there are more reasons to be on the platform.

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    I’m working on my client’s Instagram profile who uses IG for selling its products. Achieved fantastic results and rapidly increased customer conversion by using the service called Fuelgram. This service provides likes & comments from real and powerful niche-related Instagram accounts.

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    I don’t know much about Instagram advertising. But I would like to learn how to do that. Thanks!

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    Instagram is a good tool for advertising your business. Mostly useful for Branding of your business

    One of the articles that I found on How to use Instagram has made my usage effectively improved

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    Yes, I started and online store in instagram about 6 month. Instagramm advertising is good cause you do not need huge ammount of money to start. Yes, it take a lot of time ?mostly to find your targeted audience, but it’s worthy.

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