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    How to increase Page Likes Organically?

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    I don’t like the organic efforts for increasing page like. As if you compare it in terms of man hours of efforts, you are surely going to be in loss.
    But since you are asking there are a few ways as below:
    A. identify relevant facebook groups. Join them and share your page content there.
    B. You can do a keyword searches to identify relevant users. You can also follow seletive #Tag feeds. DM them or engage in conversation, it might fetch you more likes.
    C. Other way is to organize a contest/campaign and using like gating approach. Ask users to like your page to participate and stand a chance to win

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    There are number of ways to increase the followers like both organic and buying. I suggest you to have an organic likes and followers. This will increase the chance of chain of likes to your page. All you have to do is to share your page and its posts as much as you can on different relative niche groups.

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    Make use of proper # tags & @ linking. Make your post attractive & which should stand for appeal. Engagement is also the major factor.

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    You can use #tag to search relevant posts and users and then ask them to like your page. Also posting relevant content and sharing on groups and other social media will help you.

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    you have heard many times that content is king,….! It is not the thing which applies in Seo but also in other marketing platforms like social media.

    if you are a blogger than the only thing which can help you to increase your facebook like organically is your content. You should have published the content with proper hashtags and share the post in different Groups of your nitch.

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    Identify related facebook groups. Join them and share your page content there.

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