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      Hey, I had a quick question. I was planning to publish a long form content. In terms of traffic for Google SEO rankings, what according to you is better?
      1. Publishing one long form whitepaper as a blog?
      2. Part of direct web-page content publishing?
      3. Have smaller snippets as a blog?
      4. Webpage with an opt-in form to the longer whitepaper?

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      In running a blog, it is important that it is substantive. It is also important to publish entries regularly.

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      in blog include keyword in h1 tag and also include keyword in body of content.
      SEO friendly URL and user friendly URL is important for google SEO ranking. ecareinfoway

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      When it comes to Google SEO rankings, both organic traffic and direct traffic play crucial roles. Organic traffic, generated through search engine results, showcases the relevance of your content to users’ queries, boosting your rankings. Direct traffic, however, signifies brand recognition and user loyalty, impacting SEO indirectly by indicating credibility and trustworthiness. In essence, a balanced approach, focusing on both organic and direct traffic, contributes to a holistic SEO strategy for better rankings.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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