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      what will you do, if your SEO techniques does not work?

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      I will look into following steps to resolve the problem 1) Analysis of site whether all the parameters are rechecked 2) keyword analysis is properly done. Also related keywords are considered 3) Resolve technical issues from webmaster.

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      well for me i always my own techniques if the other techniques failed and for now this is my current technique

      1. mobile first
      2.claim your business listing
      3.focus on user experience
      4.keyword research
      5.have a better content marketing plan than your competitors
      6.use schema
      7.and last is link building

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      I agree with Andrae! One should do extensive keyword research and content marketing plan needs to be strong. Actually, the most important aspect is the content. You need to focus on posting fresh content for engaging the readers. You could hire a writer from ContentMart. I have also used the site and it worked for me! You get efficient writers at an unbeatable price!
      Link building is extremely important. Also posting unique content and keyword placement should be apt.

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      Basically, is the place where you can find quality writers. There are other sites as well but I found the writers extremely professional and the customer service is super efficient.

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      1) first of all you have to check on page structure
      2) need to solve errors as per google web master tool.
      3) Need to Check for Site load speed
      4) have some excellent content marketing plan

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