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      I was looking for the ways to make my Instagram bio attractive and attention grabbing. I tried many methods but didn’t worked for me, after some time I added 2-3 relative #tags and changed my bio font styles into fancy fonts & emoji. Which worked for me and now I have 1k+ followers on Instagram.

      For fancy fonts I used: tool.

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      An Instagram bio should be something that you’ll really give time to. It should be creative, so people will be more engaged when they see it. It has to be informative, where limited characters should summarize or give information already about your brand and services. And it should be something genuine. Something that really represents your company or yourself because people are really keen on details and they know if something’s really been thought of or copy-pasted.

      Click here for some tips on making an Instagram Bios

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      Well, bio option is okay I wanna ask can I use my Instagram profile link here so I can gain some followers?

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      What Is the Best Way to Write an Instagram Bio?
      Tip #1: Attract Your Ideal Audience Using Your Instagram Bio.
      Tip #2: Share Your Top Targeted Keywords in the Name Field.
      Tip #3: In your Instagram bio, tag related accounts and use your brand’s hashtag.
      Tip #4: Increase Traffic and Sales.
      Tip #5: Include a Call-To-Action in your Instagram bio for the link.
      Tip #6: Include your contact information in your Instagram bio.
      Tip #7: Select the Ideal Instagram Profile Photo
      Tip #8: Use Instagram Stories Highlights in Your Instagram Bio Strategically

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      Thank you for sharing an useful tips

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      When we try to promote our page we use a target with interesting content but users like something creative and new so we use this one for adding to our stories AR mask

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      To gain more followers:
      Use contact information
      Use website link
      Write perfect about us
      Use stories
      USe your keyword

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      If you have public account then use some catchy words.
      Put your company website and contact details
      Put all new updates in your story, to encourage users to visit your profile.

      All these tips will help you to get followes

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      I found so much useful information in this blog, I highly recommend to read it

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      New tool to support instagram accounts?

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      The best way to gain new followers is look for some viral phrases. Or turn to some bloggers and ask them for help. I have been using such social networks for a long time and I buy some of my accounts on Now I am trying to develop my blogs and they are becoming more and more attractive.

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      Undoubtedly the information in the bio profile is very important.

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        It is what a potential subscriber sees in the first place. This information lets him briefly learn about you and create a first impression. If you want to blog professionally, the lack of information in the bio is considered a gross mistake. It also happens on other social media. The social network TikTok is very relevant right now. Almost every teenager has a registered account to view and create content. Sometimes it can be difficult to promote your account and gain followers. To do this, you can use the service . Many popular bloggers have used it.

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