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    James Anam

    No doubt Instagram is growing speedily but My profile is hardly visited by friends. I am looking for some tricks which helps me to improve my profile views and likes as well If I get complimentary!

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    James Anam

    Hi! Is there anybody online who can help me in this regard? I’m waiting for all your suggestions.

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    Hi James,

    I am assuming you have a personal blog or personal account on Instagram. there are ways which can help you to grow on Instagram.
    1. Write an attractive bio for your account add a website (if any)
    2. Post at least 3-4 images daily at regular intervals which can be related to your niche,
    current or trending news or topic.
    3. Use the trending and relevant Hashtags. you can use as many numbers of hashtags you want
    on Instagram.
    4. Post your images/post in your stories to increase post views.
    5. Tag friends/brands/venue etc in your image.
    6. Start reposting.
    7. Promote the posts of other users if you think it will help your audience.
    8. Make use of polls/Ask a Questions/ in your stories to engage with your audience.

    I will be happy to help with any kind of Social media related doubts in the future 🙂
    Feel free to ask.

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    Definitely try Fuelgram. It’s a huge platform of real and influential Instagram profiles that belong to different niches (you can choose the most appropriate for you). It provides likes and comments from them, which increases your post reach, engagement and visibility by relevant people. In this way, it contributes to organic and fast follower growth. Very good service especially for business accounts. Cheers!

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    Hi James
    There is a lot to know in this area.
    And in my opinion, reading relevant articles.
    After learning, it all depends on your intelligence and creativity.
    Lastly, just have fun content, be intimate with your audience, and know how to use hashtags.

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    Have you heard of influencer marketing? You can read more about it, but in short, you’re getting promoted via influencers mentioning your product in their videos or posts on social media. That may significantly increase the number of views.

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    I think I can help, you should see some tutorials on Youtube, targetting advertising is a good way too. You can also promote your videos and Instagram itself with help of professionals to promote your Instagram page and get more subscribers!Promotion is not the only option. You can wind up the number of likes and views too.

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    So it’s best to create and share interesting content.
    Invite others to your page to see your content.
    Try to use appropriate hashtags for them.
    These are the best things to do first.

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    Give your best in your posts and choose the hashtags relevantly. Also, try to ask influencers to share your profile in theirs.

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    Wow. How can I help you?

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    i am having this issue to i used tags also and follow big accounts to but still what should i do more ?

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    I think you should promote yourself from other Instagram pva accounts it will help you to boost your main account of instagram

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    A great question indeed. Getting organic views on Instagram is a tough challenge these days. I will tell you some ways to gain engagements on your Instagram handle-
    1. Post some engaging posts and creative graphics on your Instagram page.
    2. Try to create some video content as well
    3. Follow your competitor pages and try to observe the content they are posting on their page.
    4. Do the correct use of Instagram stories and try to get engagements.

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    In my experience, hashtags are the most effective.
    Focus on hashtags after perfect content.

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    Use as many hashtags as you can.. at least 20-30 hashtags per posts. Of course, it should be related to your subject.
    Also, make a personal hashtag, that when clicked, will lead to your IG alone.

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