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      According to the Google update, a new ranking signal that blends Core Web Vitals with current user experience signals has been added to improve the way Google evaluates a page’s entire experience.
      The page experience signal assesses how consumers feel about their interaction with a web page. Optimizing for these variables makes the web more enjoyable for users across all web browsers and surfaces, as well as assisting sites in meeting mobile user expectations.

      From the last one month, I was trying to improve the page experience of this URL: https://www.mnscredit.com/debt-collection.html
      I have tried many things, but no improvement, please comment and give suggestions. Hoping to get some effective solutions.

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      7 Ways to Boost Your Web Vitals Scores and Page Experience Signals-
      1. To reduce visual load times, preload key resources.
      2. Reduce the number of long tasks in the main thread.
      3. Make sure there’s enough room for images and embeds to load.
      4. Ensure that important page templates are mobile-friendly.
      5. Conduct a security audit on your website.
      6. Ensure that all forms and embedded resources are served using HTTPS.
      7. Make sure interstitials don’t get in the way of important content.

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