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    One of my competitor is writing negative reviews often

    He is not a real customer.
    He don’t have any queries or complaints to resolve.
    He is writing spoiler reviews from different fake accounts.

    I have flagged those reviews as inappropriate and submitted to google. But no response. Please advice how to handle it.

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    Negative reviews used by competitors to tarnish your reputation is nothing new. I faced the same troubles with my website. The best you can do is to notify Google and you already did, rest leave it up to them.

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    WebXeros Solutions

    You can notify the team at Google regarding a violation of their review policy by flagging the specific review.

    When flagging a review:

    A) If you can, have several people flag the review in question. There is power in numbers and it’s possible it may help increase awareness and ideally action.

    B) Once a review is flagged try to wait a couple of days for a response or ideally for it to be removed, however; if the review is loaded with hate-speech, profanity, and/or has highly sensitive content, I would say escalate it immediately. Flag and report, then immediately contact a Google support team member.

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    Yes flagged them with huge numbers if possible for you. Reply them and ask their identity, If they are not your genuine customer they will not have any answer. It will show up to everyone that you and your company is decent and analyze that comment is absolutely fake

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    Yes I guess flag them as much as you can. 100% ask them for their genuine ID Proofs and identity. If they can answer you so they will be a real customer of yours otherwise get them out. by Market Research Company In USA

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    How to handle negative feedback:
    1. Maintain your professionalism.
    2. Don’t make assumptions.
    3. Minimize your feelings.
    4. Give the facts.
    5. Only express regret for the customer’s dissatisfaction.
    6. Do not publicly admit to being responsible for the material problem.
    7. Avoid being accused of review fraud in the public eye.
    8. Provide a useful next step.

    When reacting to negative reviews, the first priority should be to take the conversation offline. Offer to remedy the issue over the phone or via email, and then promptly follow up with the consumer. It is not appropriate to engage in an argument on Google reviews.

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