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      dario levy

      We are a B2B startup. I heard that LinkedIn is best channel for B2B. But how to generate quality B2B Leads?

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      I know this answer comes a little bit late, but you can start by using LinkedIn’s InMail that comes with premium account. You can send direct messages to relevant CEOs and promote your services that way. This is where both quantity and quality matters.

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        Each lead page must have at least one goal. It is one of the most important rules of the market. However, several lead forms allow you to evaluate the quality, which is an undoubted advantage. That is why I started using Belkin to promote my business. Btw, the first contact data collection form was launched many years ago. However, more than 20 forms are working directly on the company’s website at any given time. It helps to acquire new customers, increase revenue and increase profits. https://belkins.io/pricing

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