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    janki m

    What are the basic techniques to get organic traffic on a site? How much time will it take to rank my site for specific keywords?

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    Anny Grant

    SEO is a long time process as it takes 2-6 months to get the result in the search engine. As comparing with PPC It doesn’t deliver immediate results. You will not able to get organic traffic immediately after your website is launched. As the duration depends largely on the keywords on your website.
    Now coming to SEO technique you have to work on content as content is a king and a big game changer in SEO.
    1. Firstly start with content optimization on the website where you will work on the keyword.
    2. Promote your blogs internally as well as externally with primary keyword related to your business.
    3. Doing backlink activity on quality sites will help you to gain your rank fast.
    4. Focus more on your website content on page activity and then off page activity.

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    Research and surveys conducted by some marketing journals accordingly, it takes probably approximately three to six months for the website to rank high sufficient in Google. You won’t start seeing significant organic online traffic instantly after your website is launched. The tenure of the duration mostly depends on the usage of the keywords.

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    See as per organic traffic, it would take approx 2 to 3 months initially for a new website to make a presence on search engine and if there a quality content you can easily rank on top either you are new or old. that properly depends upon your content for website and there is no such time frame that whether the traffic will be generated within 2 to 3 months or more. It is fully dependent upon the seo tactics you are using or implementing for your website.

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    It is based on the difficulty of the keyword. Some keywords may result in 3 months some may take 6 months to get top rank.

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    I think, The average time is 4 to 6 months for getting organic traffic.
    It depends on many factors how you are optimizing your site.
    1. Domain Age
    2. Keyword Research and Competition
    3. On page optimization
    4. High quality link building

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    SEO is a long term process. So after starting proper SEO strategies, you have to wait for 3-4 months. But after getting indexed, you should continue applying all techniques. You have to create appropriate backlinks. Quality content and quality backlink will always give you an extra advantage.


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    Matthew Campbell

    The average time it takes to get organic traffic is 4-6 months.

    Depends upon many factors:- age of the domain, keywords you competing for, quality of backlinks.

    Organic result may take effect from 4 months to 6 months.

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    It mainly depends upon keywords competition, backlinks quality, and content. In average, it takes 6 months to get organic traffic.

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    According to need. If you create a site for the long term and use white methods, then several months. If for the short term and black – the result will be in about a few weeks. But after a new algorithm or manual sanctions, he flies away for a long time.

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