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      Hi everyone! I’m fairly new to content creation and SEO. I’m working on some blog post ideas for my company, but I’m not sure how important it is to check search volume before I write. Is it a waste of time, or should I prioritize targeting keywords with high search volume?

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      Hi! To review the keyword targeted, you should check the search volume as it enables you to determine the traffic possible on the keywords as well as the interest of users. Rather than viewing the process of classifying content as a waste of time, it would make far more sense to consider this step as a highly useful one to get your content before the right audiences. Focusing on many keywords, which have a high search rate, can help to attract more users and consequently have more visitors to the site. But moderation is the name of the game here, keyword relevance matters too, as well as competition. It will be useful while using check search volume tool. All the best with your blogging efforts – let’s hope those posts are next on the list!

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      Not necessarily. High competition keywords can be tough for new websites to rank for. Consider the balance – search volume and keyword difficulty. Tools like [keyword research tool] can help you find keywords with a good balance of both.

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