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    We all need to be on the top so SEO plays an important role in improving the ranking of websites. These days peoples are getting so much depend on online websites. Customers are using google, yahoo, Bing, and other search engines to search for products and services. So, using specific keywords along with the quality content is of great help to attract visitors. It will help you to be on the top of the search list. Apart from this, understanding the market strategies of your competitors will help you in increasing your website ranking. You can also perform an SEO audit to detect the weakness and strong point of the website. SEO tools also improve the speed of your website that will enable customers to use it conveniently. These tools will also help you to fix broken links on the website.


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    To get better improvement in websites seo plays lead role, which helps to get organic traffic to the websites. Through better seo strategies and conten, websites reach top ranks in search engine results page. It based on two, on page and off page optimization. on page which concentrates on content, meta tags, title, meta description and so on whereas in off page it focuses on to get backlinks from niche sites.

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