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      Hosting on Twitch is a feature designed to help streamers grow their communities on the platform. It allows a streamer to show off another streamer’s channel to their audience, even if the streamer isn’t live at the time. Basically, hosting another streamer is like having a guest on your show.

      When you host another streamer, your viewers will be able to watch the hosted streamer’s content instead of your own. The hosted streamer’s channel will be displayed on your channel page, and the hosted streamer’s chat will also be visible to your viewers. Hosting is a great way to introduce your viewers to new content and help other streamers get more exposure.

      To host another streamer, you first need to go to their channel page. On the channel page, you’ll see a Host button in the bottom right corner. Click the host button, and you’ll be taken to a page where you can enter the channel name of the streamer you want to host.

      Once you enter the channel name, click the Host Stream button and you should be good. For more information, visit this page https://followerflut.com/auf-twitch-hosten-wie-geht-das/

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