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      Shruti Ahuja

      I am running Google Ads from last 2 days. Getting clicks on it, but no conversion? Can anyone suggest me what should I do to get more conversion on my Ads?

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      Anny Grant

      As you mention above you are getting clicks but no conversion. I will mention few points here which will help you to get solution from it:
      1.You have to understand the search intent as people visit google for specific thing.
      2.In google adwords extension play an important role so you have to use each and every extension which will describe your business more easily.
      3.Your ad copy is not relevant to the user search query or user is not able to find any thing useful for him.

      Just fallow above steps to get better result.

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      Hello Shruti

      2 day is very less time to evaluate performance. Still here are few points which may help you

      1- Check your keywords relevancy
      2- check your ads relevancy
      3- Check if landing page is relevant to keywords
      4- review your search terms (not keywords)

      And then get some clicks. Ensure you have tracking code installed properly

      Thank you

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      There are many factors, give it some time, and the others have provided some good points.

      If your not seeing desired results it may be time to search for a qualified ppc agency in your area who can help you out.

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      you must have chosen the wrong keywords in your campaign

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