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      I’ve been told that backlinks still work but I’m not really sure anymore since I’ve read a lot that using this method has little to no effect. I’ve written several articles in Unchex.com and I want to rank those up on Google.

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      Of couse they still works but you should know where to obtain them and not just random ones

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      Backlinks remain important for SEO performance because they form the basis of Google’s original Pagerank algorithm.
      Numerous independent studies in the SEO industry have demonstrated the impact of backlinks on organic search performance.
      You can use learn HARO link-building strategy to generate High DA links.

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      The right link building strategy can bring you many benefits.

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      Of course Yes!
      Backlink is a major factor in SEO. It depends from which source you received a backlink. The impact of trustful backlinks is more effective in organic search performance hence we can not forget about the backlinks in SEO.

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      Yes it will. But depends upon the links you worked.

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      Yes, backlinks still work because it is the important part of off-page SEO through which traffic can be generated to the website and converted to leads which can be accomplished from writing unique content and having a great grip on keywords research for them to be used in the content to attract the user.

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      Backlinks are like references that other websites refer your website, this shows authenticity of your website. Backlinks quality shows how authentic your website is.
      quality backlinks will help you rank more easily than merit alone, but there are things you can do while you begin acquiring links so that you can beat a website or webpage that has 10X the amount of links you do.
      I generally follow kuware.com for Marketing related information. Hope this helps

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      Yes, As an important part of SEO backlinks are the reason to get high domain authority which can benefit the website and generate revenue and bring leads backlink from and high domain authority website can boost your DA which is a great way to be available in SERP pages.

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      I would say yes backlinks do work and with the change in google’s algorithms, you should stick to one strategy. Backlinks do work and help to increase the domain authority of your website if you are getting links from a good website with great domain authority. There are many websites that will help you get backlinks. Many digital marketing agencies provide backlinks as SEO services.

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      As far as I understand, backlinks will always remain one of the working tools in SEO. BTW, I saw the post here concerning top ranking factors in 2022, and backlinks are there: https://socialchamps.com/topic/what-are-the-top-seo-ranking-factors-in-2021/

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