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    Emma Jordan

    what is the difference between HTML and XML sitemap?

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    Xml Sitemap is designed for search engine crawlers while Html sitemap for Users.Html sitemap contains general overview of a website. While Xml sitemap helps crawler to understand all the urls, their last updation,change frequency etc.

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    HTML sitemap is designed for the users while XML sitemap is designed for the search engine crawlers.
    HTML sitemap is given a proper hierarchy of website flow.
    XML sitemap contains a list of pages available on the website. Here we add each page URL, priority & last date of modification for each page.

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    XML sitemap is used for indexing webpages of a website and also make website more search engine friendly. HTML sitemap is helps to make website more user friendly

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    HTML and XML both site maps are formed for same purpose but HTML site map is created for users while XML is basically for crawlers to crawl.

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    It is very simple. HTML sitemap is for the user, while XML sitemap is for Search Engine.

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