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      name the black hat SEO techniques?

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      Rajesh S

      Following are the list of Black hat SEO techniques: 1) Keyword stuffing 2) Cloaking 3) Doorway Pages 4) Paid Links 5) Duplicate content 6) Invisible Text 7) Link Farming

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      The common tricks that are mostly used in Black hat Technique are Content Automation, Doorway Pages, Hidden Text or Links, Keyword Stuffing, Negative Seo, Cloaking, link Manipulation (including buying links), Content duplication etc.

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      Here are some Black hat SEO techniques:

      1) Irrelevant keyword
      2) Keyword stuffing
      3) Cloaking
      4) Duplicate Content
      5) Irrelevant Link Framing
      6) Hidden Text
      7) Click Bait

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      Black hat SEO means unethical strategies used to increase page ranking rapidly in search engine results page. Techniques includes cloaking, keyword stuff, doorway pages, link farms and so on.

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      Duplicate Content, keyword Stuff, paid links

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