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    When there is a need we go online nowadays and ask google about it , Google knows everything by showing the results in realtime. It is not new for Google as it bringing up new algorithm updates in every with some of them are major and some of them are minor but it tries to improve the user experience while searching on SERP as much as possible.

    Currently google BERT update has been launched for english whereas google plans to bring such updates for other languages very soon.

    Bidirectional Encoder Representations From Transformers Codenamed BERT,is a machine learning advancement made by google involving it’s Artificial intelligence innovation efforts BERT model processes.

    The announcement about the BERT update was made through the official twitter handle of the google search Liaison .

    A new way for google search to better understand language and improve our search results.It’s using in us in english ,helping with one out of every ten searches .

    It will come to more languages in the future.

    Google itself is calling BERT ‘The biggest leap forward in the past five years,and one of the biggest leaps forward in the history of search “.

    Intention of BERT is to benefit searchers,it has an effect on how sites are ranked in the results .

    The new BERT update makes Google one step closer to achieving perfection in understanding the natural language .

    BERT update is impacts 10% queries and has been rolling out all week.

    One of the biggest leap forward in the history of search.

    How Will The Google BERT Update Affect The SEO

    *It also impacts featured snippets in a big way

    *According to google this update will affect complicated search queries that depend on context.

    *That it won’t help website that are poorly written .

    *As SEO becomes more important in terms of using keywords in precise ways .sloppy content may not be helped by the google BERT Update.

    *Quality content

    Creditors by SEL
    NOTE :Keep in mind that because featured snippets are picked up quite often in voice search results,the introduction of BERT will likely have a big effect on voice search as well.

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    Anny Grant

    This update involves a language processing technology which is called BERT.
    1. This update will help to understand the user intent in terms of search queries.
    2. It will also impact on featured snippets across multiple languages.

    How to save your website from the BERT?

    1. Focus on writing better content for your users to get more engagement.
    2. Focus on creating incredible experiences for your potential audience.
    3. More focus on Longtail keyword ranking performance

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    Daniel Matthew

    According to Google this update will affect complicated search queries that depend on context. Here is a complete guide on Bert update

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    It was very informative stuff.

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