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    The main benefit of posting Ads on classified site is Classified sites help us to boost traffic on our website. Their is a large huge traffic on classified site.

    And the main reason of why classified site give huge amount of traffic is that classified site is a storage of large number of products and services. Lots of people land on classified site and give their product and services listing.

    Also people land on classified site for searching of their need like if they are looking for some services and products so they come on classified site and search really what they are looking for.

    The top 5 classified site that help you too boost traffic are-

    1 . Craiglist

    2 . Oodle

    3 . Digisok

    4 . Olx

    5 . Backpage

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    Yeah classified sites have bulk of traffic on their sites and their are high chances that other can also gain a lot of traffic from them by posting ads on classified sites.

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    A classified posting is free advertising which means it won’t cost you a dime to post these ads. It will helps to improve your product sales and brand awareness.

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    Anand Saama

    if you have product based site then posting ad on claasified is very imp part bcoz it may help to increase your visibility on online platform and also help to gain some leads

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    Good point of view

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    Imprenditore Digitale

    that’s awesome

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    Profit Parrot

    Yes i totally agree with you.

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    Profit Parrot

    Yes you are right. i totally agree with you.

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