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      Gajanan Sapate

      The Purpose:
      SocialChamps forums are meant to be a community of marketers who like to debate and discuss social media marketing.One of the inherent requirements for being a part of this forum is being ready for some constructive criticism.
      Every member is an integral part of our virtual family and hence it is essential that individual opinion should be respected. The debate should be purely topical and at no time should act as an offensive against an individual or a group.

      Beginners Notes:
      Every participant’s true identity is secured in our database. Hence it is recommended that you represent your true identity. Networking is good and it may lead to long term benefits.

      Below are certain tips and steps, which will help you in the first few days on SocialChamps Forums.

      1. To participate in any discussion OR to create topics, you would need to register on forums.
      2. While registering on Forums, please do check your SPAM box as some times mail service providers like gmail, may post the registration emails in SPAM folder.
      3. While registering fill the complete profile in your login dashboard.
      4. Having a small one line signature* is a good option. You can include your profile, website link and a little bit of information there.

      *We may edit the signature, if violating any guidelines mentioned here.



      1. Add Value: We are here to help each other by sharing our experiences, online resources, suggestions, feedback and constructive criticism. Let’s try and add value in every comment that we make.
      2. Let’s not ask repeat questions: If someone has asked a repeat question by mistake, guide them to the earlier discussion.
      3. Try to be Organized: It’s good to have the navigation well defined so that your questions remain useful for other members. Try to be organized and ask questions in relevant threads/forums.



      1. Let’s NOT PROMOTE: The purpose of this forum is to help social media community. Any kind of promotion for jobs, advertisements, lease/rent based things, third party tools/applications, specific services, Link Building and Events Promotions etc. is highly prohibited. We can have separate threads for promotions.
      2. Activities done to build traffic on websites will also be prohibited.
      3. Maintain Decorum: Disrespect, dishonour or any kind of fights between existing members will never be tolerated as it hampers the open debate culture of the entire community.

      No Affiliate promotions, Links or MLM kind of things should be posted on any threads.

      Maintain the line between PERSONAL and PUBLIC
      Information which you are publishing on Forums are bound to be public. Hence not just community but the whole population on internet is able to see this as it will be listed in google or other similar search engine results. Hence take care of your information privacy while updating profile or publishing comments.

      Posting tips:

      1. First Search then Ask: An efficient Google Custom Search has been integrated within the website. It allows you to look at the current forum topics and resources. If, it’s already been asked by other users, you are recommended to follow that thread.
      2. Keep it Simple and Crisp: Give a background to your question for better understanding of the matter in hand. For better solutions, try and ask questions in simple sentences to avoid confusions. For greater participation it is advised that all forum members should ask their questions in English. Avoid slangs while writing.
      3. Subject: It should be easy to understand and search.
      4. Formatting: It’s a good habit to format your posts before posting. Use paragraphs, bold, list, italics etc to make it look good.
      5. One Question One Posting: Let’s NOT cross post in multiple threads or forums.
      6. Ask Sensible Things: We are here to discuss Social Media hence, let’s stick to that.



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      I am Also Agree

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      Agreed and believe this a helpful guideline for the beginners like me.

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      It is very helpful for beginners. Thanks for share this post.

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      App Prevents from Texting Your Date

      We’ve all already been through it: You get back from a date and grab your phone to text your best friend all about it, Only to realize you fortuitously messaged the guy/girl you were just out with. And above what you said, You might or might not see this person ever again. But get in to WhoNow, A new app that allows you and relations to privately share and post about your dating life.

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      in Cohen, WhoNow’s ultimate goal is to help individuals become better daters, Because thinks it will be used primarily to get advice from those they trust. He says that dating is really challenging these days due to the sheer number of options that exist offline and online and that people need all the help they can get. In the actual same vein, The Miamian explains the app is just as much for people who are married or in a relationship because everyone can usually benefit from dating advice. Cohen says you can use the app to get tips on style trends on a first date, How to behave when meeting someone’s family the very first time, Or what to do when you suspect your partner is cheating.

      “You get to watch every thing has become evolve, Cohen states. “It’s like an actual soap opera. I’ve been using it for a couple of months with friends and testing it, And I’m getting a peek into their lives and seeing a selection of their choices on Tinder and Bumble and who they’re meeting at clubs, Networking games, and many more, And it’s important,

      Once you download deals are going to app, You get to set up your profile and choose which of your contacts belong in your inner circle and which ones belong in your outer circle. Cohen says your inner circle comprises relations “Who know everything about you and still love you for who you really are, And your outer circle features “Friends you do things with in real life and who you want to be a part of your dating life but not inevitably every single moment,

      WhoNow [url=][/url] also has a dating hotline where users can post anonymously and get unbiased opinions from los angeles injury lawyers the app. there is something you may feel embarrassed asking even your closest friends. Some inquiries asked on the hotline are “should i give my number out on Tinder, with “i have been previously dating someone for a year and feel like I miss being single. will be bad,

      Cohen splits his time between Miami and Los Angeles and has been in a the relationship for about a year with a woman he approached at a caf. Growing WhoNow is the university or college of Miami graduate’s full time job, And the good thing is he has friends in high places, including rapper Nas, Who executed at the app’s soft opening party at Soho Beach House.

      “I see WhoNow as a place where people will have a respected experience and as a place where people can share their fun dates, less than fun dates, And to get company, Cohen tells you.

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