thanksgiving 2013, gratitude, thank you, socialcamps

They say that the expression of gratitude is a sure way of bringing more happiness to your life. We do believe in the same philosophy and decided to “practice what we preach”, by celebrating “Thanksgiving Day” at our office.

The real beauty lies in simplicity; and we came up with a simple procedure to participate and to say Thank You! On sticky notes, everyone was asked to write down the things that he/she is grateful for, and a “Gratitude board” was created, which became a home to all the notes.

I was the first one to post on the board (trying really hard to be modest here), and soon others followed suit. Creativity was put to test and it was wonderful to see everyone racking their brains to come up with a list of Thank Yous!

Newlywed Anagha, took this opportunity to thank everyone who has played an important role in her life. Yogesh, in his usual cocky sense, started with thanking Rucha for providing him with sticky notes after his own stock started depleting. Jaishri wanted to thank everyone out here for mentoring her. Typical Jaishri. Archana, Anshu, Kadambari and Prity too expressed their gratitude to all the colleagues, while Avijit used the two magic words to thank The Almighty for all the happy moments so far!
thanksgiving 2013, gratitude, thank you, socialchamps
Just when I was beginning to think that Gajanan and Prahlad would not participate, out they came and started spraying gratitude notes all over the board. It was a nice sight indeed! Gajanan thanked his Dad for supporting him all along, whereas Prahlad thought that the best way to express himself was through a very well written poem.

I myself was on a Gratitude spree and pasted around 5-6 notes, each time thanking a different person. The walking from my desk to the board must have burnt some calories for sure.

Gratitude is a beautiful thing. A very very beautiful thing.

Thank You

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