A real Champion acts like a Champion. He talks like a Champion, walks like a Champion, works like a Champion and even parties like a Champion.

13 July 2013 was the night when all Champs let out the Party Animals inside them and enjoyed the night like the kings and queens of social media. The lyrics of song “We Are The Champions” by Queen applied to the champs.

Many cricket fans in India consider Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid as the Superman and Batman of Indian cricket and in SocialChamps, the local Dravid (Rushikesh) and Tendulkar (Pranav) who are the hardcore fans of mentioned cricket Gods partied like the real Norse Gods from Asgard.

Yogesh enjoyed the party though initially at the time of arrival; he was talking less and observing everyone like a true Yogi as his nickname goes.

SocialChamps team leader Neha Tambe was the first lady to arrive at the party and new team-members were glad to meet her face-to-face for the first time. With the arrival of Prahalad Sir, Gajanan Sir and other ladies, the chit-chat, drinks and snacks gave party, momentum. Everybody was happy to see Jaishri, Rucha and Kadambari who had attained the title of “most awaited guests” with their arrival.

At a social gathering, usually someone attracts attention of others and is asked to talk about things he/she feels shy about. At this party, this started with Yogesh, who was asked to tell his love story. After that, Prahalad Sir and Gajanan Sir told some stories about their college lives and some people also talked about Prahalad Sir‘s marriage.

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Avijit, who was silent, was surprised when everybody turned his/her eyes on him and demanded to know his love story. Feeling shy, initially Avijit tried to brush it off by calling it a one-sided love, but finally gave in and told a story from his college days. After that, Avijit also displayed his singing skills to the cheers of Champs, proving himself a musical champ.

Finally dinner was served and everybody enjoyed, following the motto of “Great curries, no worries”.
Maximum pictures of party were taken by Jaishri and Rushikesh.

The night was getting darker and everybody was enjoying with Avijit being the only upset soul as he was worried about the bus to go home. He was known as Superman in the office but right now, he was feeling powerless as if in the radiation of Kryptonite.

Finally, party was over and Prahalad Sir played Superman to the rescue for Avijit by helping him find an easy route to home.

The pictures and memories of the party made it a night to remember, without the vocals of Bryan Adams. The Champs thank the SocialChamps bosses for a wonderful night.

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