Facebook Lightweight Videos: Showcase your “Brand Story” differently

You have FB ads to your branding basket, then what next for growing your reach and increasing your Brand value with Facebook. It is here, with “Facebook slideshow”. Make a Facebook slideshow and showcase your brand, product, catalog, stories in a new style. Slideshow ads are more useful to promote an existing or new brand campaign to reach to the consumers who operate on low-end devices and have slower internet connection speeds. Let’s explore to understand what exactly Facebook slideshow is, how to create it and how it is going to be an effecting tool for online marketing.

What is Facebook slideshow?

In simple words, it is a way to advertise on Facebook, by creating lightweight videos using multiple photos with auto slider feature. It is cost effective, requires less data bandwidth and a package of many more features.

Advantages of Facebook Slide show over Facebook Video ads and Sliders

Limitations of Video Ads:

  • Attractive, however, requires good quality of connectivity.
  • More users operated on 2G, and probability to skip these ads is more due to high data and time consuming

Limitations of the slider:

  • Easy, Less time and data consuming, however, not eye-catching
  • Scrolling depends on manual click
  • Probability of skipping ads is more with user dependability

“Facebook Slideshow overcomes these limitations. It is a “golden mean”, with the best features of video ads and a slider.

Salient Features and Benefits: 

The Facebook slideshow is launched with a bucket of attractive features.

  • It is easier and less time consuming
  • Delivers a power of videos with an auto slider feature on low bandwidth, in a cost-effective way
  • Widen your reach to more people across the globe.
  • Takes less time to load and data consumption is reduced for users
  • Tell your brand story in a new style through the display of products, catalogs, tutorials, offers
  • No requirement for any new technological know-how and tools
  • Option to add Multiple language captions is available
Create your Facebook Slideshow, follow these simple steps:

You should have an “Advert Account” on Facebook.

  • Decide, design and arrange 3-7 images you want to use
  • Login to your advert account on Facebook and go for “create ad”
  • Select any objective (excluding Page Post Engagement or Local Awareness)objective
  • To start with creating a slideshow, go to the “video section”
  • Select “create slideshow” option and upload the images

select video

  • After uploading the images, click on “create slideshow”
  • Choose a  thumbnail and the length of your advertisement
  • If you want to add captions to your slide show then
    • Click on Show Advanced Options and Upload SRT File
    • To upload multiple language captions uploading a SubRip (.srt) file with it. All SubRip files to be saved using the format: filename.[two-letter language code]_[two-letter country code].srt
  • Follow the routine procedures laid down for Facebook advertisements
Important Notes:

To get the best results,  note these points:

  • High-quality images will give you best results, do not use grainy images
  • Use images of the same dimensions recommended image size is 1280 x 720 pixels, or an image ratio of 4:3 or its multiples… Sideshow will be cropped to be square ultimately if you use images of different size

A simple way to increase your brand reach, with less time, less money and in an eye-catching way.

Let’s share your Brand story with Facebook Slideshow, make more people get to know!!!!

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