In our previous article in this series, we had described how the merger of the personal Facebook page with a fan page on Facebook could be done.

Now we will have a look at another aspect of merger where we merge a Facebook profile with an existing Facebook page.

Is it possible to add my Facebook friends like my page fans?

One of the simplest but most step-intensive, processes available to Business Owners on Facebook is the process of “rolling” a profile into an existing page.

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There are lots of reasons this can be useful. However, after a few days of settling, you might witness in a multi-week increase in unsubscribes from your page. Not every friend wants to be “just a fan”. So when you see your unsubscribe rates, have a look at Facebook Insights section.

Merging a Facebook Profile with an existing Facebook Page:

To merge your Facebook profile with an existing Facebook page, you need to take the following steps:

Step 1 – Back up your Facebook profile:
While backing up your profile, you would not get to take the contents, except the friends/fans, to the new page. Following video explains how you can backup your Facebook profile:

STEP 2 – Give admin access of all Pages & Groups you own another admin/owner:
Your profile is going away. It will not be able to own these items and if they do not have another admin/owner they vanish. Therefore, you must appoint a friend of yours as an admin of all the Facebook pages and groups that you own.

STEP 3 – Rename your profile as a page:
Rename your profile to your desired page name. This will not work in all instances as Facebook has some filters but in many cases, it will be helpful. Particularly in those cases if you are using the page merge technique. There is no rename as part of the migration.

STEP 4 – Migrate your Profile to a Page:
While migrating from profile to a page, pay careful attention to rename it to match your existing page name BEFORE you convert it. The renaming step is important as an exact-match name is required.

STEP 5 – Merge the new page with the old page:
Merge your new page and old page using the merge option that is on the page with the vanity URL you wish to keep. Do not perform this from the wrong copy of the page or you will lose the better of the two vanity URLs.

STEP 6 – Have patience:
Have patience when you look at the new page for the next 24-48 hours while your fan count is very wrong (often zero). This process gets a manual check by Facebook and it will be a bit before it is right.

STEP 7 – Your page needs Babysitting:
Spend the next two weeks in taking care of your page. You would need to work on to build EdgeRank which has now become very diluted and re-build engagement levels. Pay attention to the spiking unsubscribes and hides. Observe the degree of engagement of page and work on ways to bring back engagement.

If you plan to create a new profile you should do that with a new email address. Then pass ownership of the Pages to your new account. After that, remove the old account from the pages and delete the old account. You should remember that you cannot keep 2 accounts per the Facebook Terms Of Service.

Have you tried merging your Facebook profile with an existing Facebook page? What was your experience? We would like to know.

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