Why is Edge Value or Edge Rank so important?

A good Facebook edgerank means that your FB post or update will be visible to the largest audience possible. This single factor can make all the difference between an uninspiring and an awe inspiring social media campaign. Of course, it will not be possible to manipulate the Edge value of your posts as you wish. There are too many variable factors involved. Yet, you should ignore this at your own risk.

How To Increase Your Rank?

The previous two posts must have helped you understand that your rank is based on three factors namely

  1. Affinity
  2. Weight
  3. Time decay

Focus on each factor independently to maximize your rank.

Affinity- No Escaping It

Boost affinity by crafting interactive social media campaigns. Try to get all those visiting your FB page to write a comment or participate in a poll or interact in some other manner. This will rank higher than just a page visit. “How do I get the visitor to stay longer? How do I enhance the quality of his or her experience? How do I get visitors to do something that will improve the visibility of my campaign to their friends and contacts?”- focusing on improving the Affinity of the post can help you find answers to all these questions.

Three simple tips to boost affinity

  • Use Open Graph apps smartly
  • Offer superlative quality content
  • Try to stand out. Try Linkbait content to pull more eyeballs to your page.

WeightY Updates Bring In More Eyeballs

How about adding an image or an infographic to every text update you post on your FB page? Images and videos rank more than plain text. This simple trick will boost the Weight of your update.

Variety is the spice of… uh… Facebook. Instead of posting a dozen video updates, how about mixing it up with audio, video, links, images, podcasts and other content? Doing this will make your campaign look a lot more natural and it will also improve the “Weight” factor.

Time Is Money… Literally

Do not avoid a rigid and formulaic approach when trying to boost your Time Decay ranking. Avoid long delays but do not flood your page with five updates every second. You cannot pull all FB users to your page at once.

Take it slow. Play around with the timing of your updates. Analyze your FB page data and find out when you receive the maximum traffic during the day? Which time zone should you focus on? Self-employed individuals may log in many times in a day but may not spend a lot of time online. Those with jobs may log in after coming back home but may stay online for long.

You Cannot Fool Everybody All The Time

Manipulating your Edge Rank will be of no use unless you back your efforts with good quality content and services. Good visibility will result in higher sales and more profits only if you offer real value to your customers.


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