YouTube Annotations enable to increase engagement, viewership, and subscribers to your YouTube content & channel. Video annotations allow you to direct traffic, provide general context or information, and help users navigate.

1) Verify ownership of accounts and sites.

2) Add an associated website to your account.

The first step is to verify your YouTube account. YouTube account can be verified at Account Insert the text code account verify A success notification will confirm your YouTube account verification. verified Your account must be in good standing to add an associated website. You can verify YouTube account standing in the Channel Settings > Features. feature Click on annotations (marked in red)

image 10

Clicking on annotation option brings up a notification bar asking you to enable your YouTube account for external annotation links. Click the Enable button. youtube tab You will be asked to agree to the terms and conditions. External links On accepting the T&A a success message will greet you. image 13 Add domain associated with the website. To execute this process go to your Channel Settings > Advanced > Associated Website and entering the URL. Click Add. youtube Finally, you will have to verify ownership of the entered domain or site. Google Webmaster Tools is a preferred tool for this. The easiest is to upload an HTML verification file. Until you do this, the status will be “Pending”. webmaster tool Enter the URL of a site you would like to manage. Image 6 Next Window. new window Upon successful site verification, you’ll be greeted with praise. webmaster tools We hope the above guidelines will be helpful. If in doubt you can always ask.

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