Social Media Changes

With all the Social Media Platforms stressing more on user experience and engagement, what should be the strategy for any small business or a blogger or a social media changes marketer to make their content seen/read/reacted by the maximum number of audience?

8 ways to Survive ongoing Social Media Changes:
  1. Stress more on Quality rather than Quantity: One’s goal while creating content should be thinking about their followers and creating a better user experience
  2. Free quality content: Free quality content is always given more importance than the charged content. This is because Google only indexes content that is not gated (i.e. content that does not reside behind a login). So the fact of the matter is, if you are providing helpful content to the users free, you will be easily able to sell premium content for a fee.
  3. Be Relevant: Try to focus on the audience who is interested in your brand and content. Avoid buying your followers as they are hardly concerned about your posts and updates. Target new followers and build content your audience is interested to read and respond.
  4. Strategize on cross channel promotion: Instead of just concentrating on one platform, take time to engage the audience across different social media change platforms. Strategize to build a cross channel promotion for your brand.
  5. Control things in hand: Try to analyze and improve your website/page metrics. These are the things which are in control. Look for the user experience when they come to your site from any social media platform. Do they feel good and want to explore more? If your answer is ‘no’, it’s time to shift focus from social media to your website first.
  6. Be Prompt: Keeping in contact with your followers by answering/resolving their query in a limited time frame, respond to them using @name.
  7. Use Hashtags: Using hashtags in your content, groups your content (post/pictures) under a group of other user content who are using the same tag. Without hashtags, only your followers will be able to view your content whereas, by using hashtags your content will be searchable both online and in the app.
  8. Look for a similar audience: Build contacts. Look for people with similar interests. Remember more interaction, more engagement means more followers.

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