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    Do you have any social media marketing podcast recommendations?

    I’ll start us off! We, Giraffe Social Media, have a podcast where we discuss all things social media, including interviewing other digital marketing experts. Our latest episode (#57 – Content Creation vs Content Curation) delves into the world of content, the differences between creation and curation, and gives you some great content tips.

    What podcasts do you guys recommend for social media marketers? Do you create a podcast yourself? Reply below!

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    Here are the list of Social Media Marketing podcasts
    1) Instagram Marketing Secrets
    2) Instagram Secrets
    3) Simple Pin Podcast
    4) Figure Influencer
    5) The Blogging Millionaire
    6) Visual Marketing With Tailwind
    7) Your Digital Marketing Coach
    8) Ace The Gram
    9) Ask Pat 2.0
    10) Influencer entrepreneurs
    Hope this helps. I generally follow kuware.com for Marketing related info.

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    Thanks for this useful information!

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