Social Media Outsourcing – Good or Bad

Many a times, businesses/celebrities are not able to connect with their clients/fans on social media due to lack of time and resources. . So they outsource their social media activities to a social media agency/consultant However, some celebrities do use their social media profiles personally and reply to their fans;there may be a case that  one social media platform is used by a celebrity himself/herself and their  other social platform maybe outsourced.

Many corporate organizations hire people to manage their social media accounts. Some outsource their social media activities to professionals who  post/run regular updates/campaigns on the social media pages owned by organizations.

Social Media Outsourcing

Why social media outsourcing?

A 2011 Com Score report showed that nearly 82% of the world’s  population can be  reached by any of the social media platforms. These people usually, spend a fifth of their online time using various social media networks. With over 1.71 billion active monthly users on Facebook alone i.e around 15% of the entire world’s population, the extent of potential customer reach through Social Media cannot be underestimated.

Increasingly companies are realizing the benefits of using Social Media platforms to advertise their brands/products/services  and engage with their customers in a better way.

Effective management of these  Social Media platforms – creating content, showcasing products/services, engaging actively with the clients/customers requires a lot of time and high level of expertise which  the existing staff of the  companies are unable to provide. Thus, social media outsourcing becomes a necessity as well as investment for generating further business leads. . This creates the need for social media outsourcing by roping in some professional agencies/ consultants  in the picture.

What are benefits of social media outsourcing?

The benefits of social media outsourcing are as follows:

Social media outsourcing saves your time. Since it’s a full-time job and with business assignments already taking up a maximum of your time, outsourcing social media activities to a consultant/agency seems to be the best bet for your business. Using an outsourcing professional vendor ensures that your right content reaches the right audience, your social media pages are regularly monitored and your response rate to your customer’s query is within a couple of hours. With high responsiveness, great content and engagement – a business/brand itself develop a trust factor with their customer base.
2.Run your business peacefully:
Social media can be yet another sales face of your business. Though you can concentrate on your business promotions offline, your social media promotions can be entirely handled by the social media agency.
3.Cost saving:
Whether you recruit someone to manage your social media or involve a person/team from within the organization, it requires the balance sheet tweaking. However, social media outsourcing can save you the cost of training and research.

Do keep some social media platforms as your responsibility?

Social media outsourcing is helpful for online promotions and regular customer touch base but there are some social media channels like LinkedIn which should be managed by the business owner as well as by the outsourced team as a single unit.  This is because there are some professional aspects of your brand which no one else would be able to showcase better than the owner himself/herself.


Social media outsourcing can be very helpful as it saves your time and energy. We explain how. ??

Hence, how are you planning to outsource your social media? Did you find the insights regarding social media outsourcing in this article helpful? Post your comments.

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