Social media advertising; what it can do for you

Use social media marketing to precisely target your audience in a competitive market and get exceptional ROI from social media advertising. Our social media strategies are a balance of trendy content and analytics driven marketing.

We adopt data science driven strategies to deliver more actionable results than any other social media agency. This is in part due to our indepth research based approach that first identifies your precise target audience, and then serves them customer-centric ads that prompt them to take action.
We’re on Facebook, Instagram, twitter, google, the times network, and everywhere else
With 10+ years of experience in digital marketing and after helping 400+ clients reach their marketing goal, we know the importance of quality and time bound communication.

Generate new leads, increase website traffic, and build brand awareness

Our digital marketing strategies are monitored at every stage so that everything you advertise online generates measurable results for better advertising.

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Target advertising based on
geography, interests, and persona

There are 2.4 billion users of Facebook worldwide. We help you engage a community of precisely targeted consumers who are happy to hear more about your product or service, be it through Facebook marketing, linkedin marketing or any other social media.

Persona based targeting with demographics like age, gender, location. Behavior & interest based targeting like gadgets they use, books they read , Genres they like etc.

Targeting based on designations, experience, industries, companies, professional status etc.

Targeting based on hashtags, interactions, bios, & interests.

Activities part of social media advertising services

There are multiple activities which are part of our social media advertising services. Here are a few listed for your reference:

Here are some of the activities that will solve your brand’s social media puzzle…

Facebook advertising

We create paid advertising that is targeted to reach the people who need your product the most. Facebook offers persona best targeting, and we can precisely target your customer personas. We can use Facebook to grow your business, create brand loyalty, engage with customers and generate leads across demographics.

Instagram advertising

We promote your post on Instagram by attracting your audience to an enhanced marketing experience. Our campaigns are ROI driven and give you analytical data of your marketing spends.

Youtube Advertising

We help you be seen and get noticed on Youtube. We create content targeting those people whose needs coincide with your brand’s interest.

LinkedIn Advertising

We use LinkedIn to generate leads for your business, drive awareness and grow the number of customers for your brand. LinkedIn is a leading business social network where you can target an audience based on office position, age, and more.

Twitter Advertising

We create engaging campaigns on twitter that centre around creating interesting content, publishing this content and gaining followers on the platform.

Pinterest Ads

We use Pinterest to help your audience discover and buy your products. Pinterest is an active online community that uses pictures to tell your audience what to do, where to go, what to shop and more. We help you reach the Pinterest community with precisely targeted advertising.

Quora Advertising

Use Quora to build a bigger presence for your brand online. Quora is a ‘question and answer’ platform that makes your brand look like a leader in the market. With Quora we can publish ads that are targeted by specific questions asked, and the audience that reads them.

Reddit Advertising

With Reddit advertising you can reach influential communities online. Reddit is known to deliver quality leads for businesses, as users of the platform are very engaged to the communities they are part of.

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SocialChamps is a leading digital agency with offices in India and California, having served 450+ clients in over 20 countries. We’ve worked with numerous real estate brands in South Asia and the USA. As a digital marketing agency, we offer dedicated staff verticals for companies looking to engage in market strategies, digital auditing, digital marketing campaigns, and development services in the real estate market, banking, hospitality market, and more.

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